Laruelle, Marlene, ed. Entangled Far Rights: A Russian-European Intellectual Romance in the Twentieth Century. University of Pittsburgh Press, 2018.


Since the Ukrainian crisis in 2014, Russia’s support to the European far right—and to a variety of populist leaders more globally—has become a cornerstone of the West’s perception of Moscow as a “spoiler” on the international scene. The fact that Russia’s most fervent supporters are now to be found on the right of the ideological spectrum should not be a surprise. The European far right has always had Russophile tendencies, but these were obscured during the Cold War, when rightist politics were most of all anti-Communist. Entangled Far Rights traces the “intellectual romance” that existed between European far right groups and their Russian-Soviet counterparts during the twentieth century and accounts for their recent re-emergence.

Table of contents

  • Introduction: Entangled Far Right: A Russian-European Intellectual Romance in the Twentieth Century Marlene Laruelle
  • Part I. The Prerevolutionary Russian Russian Right: A Fascism Avant la Lettre?
    • Chapter 1 Late Imperial Slavophilism in the Context of Fascistogenic Ideas: A Case Study of Sergei Sharapov Mikhail Suslov
    • Chapter 2 A reactionary Utopia: Russian Black Hundreds from Autocracy to Fascism Giovanni Savino
  • Part II. Interwar Mutual Discoveries: Eurasianism and the German Conservative Revolution
    • Chapter 3 The “Third Continent” Meets the “Third War”: Eurasianism’s Reading of Fascism Marlene Laruelle
    • Chapter 4 A Failed Alliance: The Eurasianist Movement and the German Conservative Revolution in the Early 1930s Martin Beisswenger
  • Part III. The War Experience: Collaborationism and the Soviet Union
    • Chapter 5 The Soviet Union, Russia, and Their Peoples as Perceived by French Volunteers in German Uniform, 1941-1945 Jean-Yves Camus
    • Chapter 6 The Russian National Socialist Viking Party in the Soviet Occupied Territories Boris Kovalev
  • Part IV. The Post War European Far Right’s Draw for the Soviet East
    • Chapter 7 Pro-Soviet Groups in the Cold War European Radical Right Nicolas Lebourg, Jean-Yves Camus, and Jose Rodriguez Jiménez
    • Chapter 8 Strasserism in Germany: In Search of an anti-Western Alliance with Stalin’s USSR and Putin’s Russia Patrick Moreau
  • Part V. The Quest for Ideology in the Soviet Nomenklatura and Underground
    • Chapter 9 Lev Gumilev and the European New Right Mark Bassin
    • Chapter 10 The Yuzhinskii Circle: Rediscovering Far Right Metaphysics in the Soviet Underground Marlene Laruelle

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