An infamous Soviet general who fought in the Battle of Moscow (1941/1942) and the siege of Leningrad (1941–1944), Andrey Vlasov (1901–1946) was captured by Nazi troops and then defected to the Third Reich. Supported by Nazi propaganda, he created a “Russian Liberation Committee” which later established the “Russian Liberation Army” (RLA). The RLA was a body of several hundred officers and several thousand troops who had defected from the USSR and served Nazi purposes on Soviet territory. Vlasov was arrested by Soviet troops in Czechoslovakia while trying to escape to the Western Front and was subsequently tried for treason and executed by Soviet authorities.

In 2015 Federal Archival Agency of Russia and the Russian State Archive of Social and Political History (RGASPI) released three volumes of archives documenting the infamous “Vlasov Case,” the main instance of Soviet collaborationism with Nazi Germany. With this volume, which draws on the archives of Russia, Belarus, Germany, and the US, the English-speaking audience can now access the most important documents on this topic for the first time. The documents tell the story of Vlasov’s betrayal, from the moment he became a prisoner, to his service under the Nazis, and up through the trial in Moscow in 1946.

Two volumes of translated documents are now available in English.

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